Escape the Rat Race

Ah, the lure of escaping the system. No more commute to a job you hate, working for somebody you really don’t care for. No more following everyone else’s rules. A life where you decide what’s important. The thought of living life your way is so attractive.

So, if this lifestyle sounds so good, why isn’t everyone living that way? The answer is easy. Money. Or, rather, the lack of money and all the fears that come with that lack.

How are you going to protect your family if this independence dream turns into a nightmare? You can’t ask them to take a leap of faith when you don’t have that faith yourself. You need a safety net; that safety net is money.

There are always unexpected emergencies that pop up. What if you are blind-sided and are caught unprepared. The solution to that emergency is usually money.

What if your ideal life does not include a backwoods, no luxuries, completely off the grid lifestyle? Again, that requires money.

The thought of walking away from your current lifestyle and job is really scary, even if you think you have all your ducks in a row. You are leaving your familiar job and everything you have relied on. Now you have to rely only on you. If you can’t create what you need, you will have to buy it, and that takes money.

It’s a scary business, this idea of independence, especially if you don’t know where the money is coming from.

The best way to remove this lack of money fear is by having multiple streams of income you can count on. You have to stop thinking like an employee and start acting like an entrepreneur.

That is what this site is all about, being your own boss and producing multiple streams of income that are a part of your perfect lifestyle. I can’t think of a safer way of creating this dream than multiple income streams. Browse through the different catergories and start learning how to create your own lifestyle dream.

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