Starting your own business can be scary. There are so many questions. How do you choose which business to start? How much money will it cost? Don’t most small businesses fail? What if I don’t have any marketable skills? What if I don’t have a clue on what business will work for me?

If you know what steps to go through and what questions to ask yourself, it gets easier to decide. Let’s start with the steps. There are only four. This is really easier than you thought.

Step 1: Find Your Passion!

“Hey, I don’t care if I enjoy it, I just want to make a lot of money so I can Escape The Rat Race!”

That’s what I thought the first time I read about this step. I just wanted out of the system and fast.

I’m afraid that mindset is really a trap. If you don’t like what you are doing, your heart won’t be in it. You won’t stick with it until it starts to show a profit. You will start to hate what you are doing just like you do right now. You will still be in the Rat Race, the only difference is you now own your little piece of The Rat Race.

If you enjoy what you are doing, You won’t see it as a job. You will look forward to building it until it is profitable.

Why do you want to Escape The Rat Race in the first place? What would you rather be doing?

Some of us are lucky enough to already know what we want to do, but most of us only have a vague idea. We want to escape our present humdrum, mind numbing job and start taking control of our own lives. We do know that much, however the rest of the dream is still pretty sketchy. Most of us really don’t even know what the options are.

Isn’t that why you are reading this post in the first place?

Now is the time to ask what you like to do. Notice I didn’t say “what you know how to do.” You can learn how to do almost anything, especially with the internet. The important question is, what do you want to do? List out what puts a smile on your face. What would you do even if nobody paid you to do it?

Hey! That’s not a rhetorical question. Take out a sheet of paper and start listing what makes you happy when you are doing it. Don’t question if it will make any money or if it’s a stupid idea. We will deal with that later. Just start making that list. This should be fun. Get everybody that’s sharing your dream and start writing down those crazy ideas. You will need a large list of ideas you can play with. All kinds of great new ideas come from the ‘crazy’ ideas, so don’t leave anything out.

During one of my list creations, I wrote down photography and wood sculpting along with several other ideas. My first thought was that neither one would make much money. Photography has a lot of competition, and wood sculpting takes way too long. Then it clicked! Put the two together. Film how-to videos on wood sculpting and sell the videos on the internet! Sometimes a combination of ideas is better than one idea by itself.

Hey! Why haven’t you started your first list yet? Your future happiness depends on it. Start writing now. I’ll wait right here. I’m not going anywhere.

Now that you have your list started (You did start that list, didn’t you?), let’s see if you missed anything. Ask yourself, “What is a life of passion?”

What have you done in the past that completely caught your attention? You knew you had chores to do, but you just couldn’t break away from what you were doing, at least not yet. The chores could wait.

That was a passionate time! Those moments create a life of passion. Add those times to your list, even if you can’t see a way to add them into your new lifestyle. Remember, you are custom creating your future to fit your dream. Don’t make the mistake of creating a business that really doesn’t fit your dreams.

Start dreaming, then write those dreams down.  Check out our categories on this site. they might help with your newfound dreams.

How To Choose Which Business To Start: Step 2

Lee (The Slacker) Cain

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